Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing 2018

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Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing 2018 töötab ainult koos Revit 2018 versiooniga.

What’s New in RCD 2018

  • Copy Reinforcement with all annotations, details, dimensions and related views
  • Customizable Reinforcement Schedule (docx output)
  • Partial Shape Details to represent only the selected set instead of the whole mark
  • Annotation for rebar set with free form distribution path
  • Special layout rules (UK) (Alternate bars, Alternate Staggered, Alternate Variable)
  • New Annotation style for segmented rebar set layouts
  • Info Center to understand, find and resolve warnings
  • Isolate tools to find rebars without shape – or rebar set details
  • Shape Images according set standard (EN, BS or SANS) for Revit schedules
  • Linear Spacer annotation object which will be considered in schedules
  • Stretch/Trim tool for selected line(s)
  • From Line tool to create free form reinforcement from selected line(s)
  • Stagger enhancement to differ between 4 modes
  • Diverse
    • Sort order for marks > new criteria according > Layer
    • New sheet parameter for largest rebar/fabric mark
    • Ortho mode (shift) for Shape Detail
    • Option to consider Stock length for Running Length marks
    • Layer tool support for rebar couplers
    • Tip of the day and Contextual help