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Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2014 värskendus SP1

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Esimene värskendus 2014 versioonile. Hetkel saab seda allalaadida ainult läbi Roboti LiveUpdate (vaata järgnevat pilti).
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Avaneb järgnev lehekülg, kus tuleb vajutada “update”.
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Selle värskendusega tehakse järmised parandused:

1. Launching the help from the ‘Calculation Manager’ and ‘Delete prepared results’ tools have been fixed.
2. Display of castellated and other special section shapes has been reestablished.
3. Display of tables and steel design notes created by the ‘Frame generator’ has been fixed.
4. Opening of damaged examples (RTD files) has been improved.
5. Import of SDNF files and data from the Autodesk® Inventor® software has been fixed.
6. The random crash observed during bar selection has been fixed.
Model Definition
1. Material assignment for panels defined as ACIS objects has been fixed.
2. Inversion of bracket position and tapered bar slope by the ‘Local Bar Direction…’ command has been removed.
3. Influence of the ‘Detailed correct’ command on rectangle panels (walls) has been fixed.
4. Excessive duplication of bar nodal load when translating a bar along its length has been corrected.
5. Applying linear loads to edges without warnings has been fixed.
6. Potential deletion of nodal loads in structures with shell elements for which no loads (not even self-weight) have been defined has been corrected.
7. Disappearing of tributary areas during the analysis has been fixed.
8. Forcing the division number while defining Coon’s mesh has been fixed.
9. Generation of incorrect rigid links for diaphragms with zero material density has been fixed.
10. Unimportant circular references inside meshes are no longer reported.
11. Unusual slowdown of the model verification has been fixed.
12. Fault operation of the Section Definition module for highly complex sections has been fixed.
13. Display of automatic combination load types has been fixed.
14. Generation of wind loads of undefined value for EN 1991-1-3/4:2005 has been fixed.
15. Fatal error observed during modification of the wind load coefficients for NV65 02/09 has been fixed.
Analysis and Results
1. Freezing the analysis run by ‘Calculation Restart…’ option has been corrected.
2. Display of instability warnings when calculation errors appear has been fixed.
3. The spectrum used in Chilean seismic calculation has been corrected.
4. Disregarding density in modal analysis for claddings or diaphragms without FE meshes has been fixed.
5. Results for 3D models with rotated supports defined by nodes/points (not defined by rotation angles) have been fixed.
6. Taking into account importance class for the horizontal spectrums seismic analysis according to the French Eurocode (NF EN 1998-1/NA:2007 19.juil.2011) has been fixed.
7. Generation of equivalent lateral forces on the highest floor only during a simplified seismic analysis has been corrected.
8. Display of the core wall diagram for stories without masses has been fixed.
9. Inactive dialog controls for displaying reduced forces maps on bars have been removed.
Steel Connections Design
1. Accidental change of the anchorage bolt diameter for the column base has been fixed.
2. Tube connection chord resistance verification for CHS sections has been corrected.
Steel Members Design
1. Steel member internal bracings definition for some codes (SNiP II-23-81, BS5950:2000, BSK99, GB50017-2003) has been fixed.
2. ANSI AISC 360-05: lack of seismic dispositions verifications for manually defined seismic cases and combinations has been fixed.
3. AS4100: undefined result value of the stability check has been fixed.
4. BS EN 1993-1: yield strength values which were previously taken from the general Eurocode are now taken from the British national application.
5. EN 1993-1:2005/AC:2009: k_zy coefficient zero value for not bi-symmetric sections has been replaced by the value calculated according to Table B.2 of Annex B.
6. EC3 (all brands): elastic analysis for sections of class 2 has been fixed.
Timber Members Design
1. NF EN 1995-1:2005/NA:2010: the French version of the Eurocode timber design code (if version 2013 of the software is present) has been unlocked.
R/C Members Design
1. Crash observed while inserting summary table to drawings has been fixed.
2. Overlapping texts on drawing exported to DXF have been corrected.
3. Elements disappearing from the inspector window when re-exporting to the RC modules have been fixed.
4. Crash observed in RC beam design has been fixed.
5. Beam rebar placed in the middle of span is now extended instead of being hooked.
6. Column stirrup arrangement option has been fixed
7. Import of manual combinations for RC column design has been unlocked.
8. Crash observed while trying to add a Continuous Footing view has been locked.
9. The extremely slow import of panels with defined load combinations has been fixed.
10. Memory errors occurring during required reinforcement of slab calculation have been fixed.